What to Expect

Starting from the first meeting

Step 1:

Getting to Know Each Other

At the first meeting, we take the opportunity to become more familiar with one another. We gain an understanding of your basic goals and general financial situation. At the same time, you will learn our general process and how we may help you create a personal financial plan. This meeting is at no charge and there is no obligation to move forward. On average, the meetings last from thirty minutes to an hour.

Step 2:

Becoming a Client

If we both feel comfortable moving forward, the next step is to collect all relevant information and documents needed to have a full and complete understanding of your financial situation.  We would then begin developing a personalized financial plan based on your goals and objectives. After reviewing recommendations, we would agree on a course of action to implement your plan.

Step 3:

Implementing the Financial Plan


Your investments would be moved to TD Ameritrade Institutional's platform. After agreeing on an investment strategy, we would manage the accounts for you in the context of your personalized financial plan. As part of our ongoing relationship, we continually help you make sound investment decisions through all cycles of the market and economy. TD Ameritrade would provide you with third party investment statements and you would have online access to all your accounts through their website and mobile app.

Depending on your personalized financial plan, we may need to work closely with other professionals, such as an attorney, insurance agent or tax advisor to coordinate different aspects of your financial strategy. 

Step 4:

Monitoring the Financial Plan

Once your investments are moved over, we would monitor them on an ongoing basis and make changes based on your personalized plan. We would reach out to you on a regular basis to discuss the progress made towards your financial goals and determine if any adjustments in your financial strategy are needed. Andy is also available to meet by request between regularly scheduled meetings to answer questions or discuss a specific topic.

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