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Regardless of how far off retirement may be, we can help you begin planning for the future. We will discuss when you wish to retire and how you picture spending your days after retirement. We focus on your personal goals, which lay the foundation for your financial plan.

Social security and pension income often do not cover all of the costs in retirement. The deficit must be made up from another source of income, such as a portfolio of investments. Based on the size of the deficit, we can determine how large the portfolio may need to be by retirement. Then we can create a savings and investment strategy designed to build the portfolio up to that target level. 

While retirement goals are typically the main focus, they are probably only one of many goals. We can also help you plan for your childrens' college expenses, come up with a debt payment strategy and address any other various budgeting challenges you may have.



Statistically speaking, the average non-smoking couple that retires at 62 should plan for a 30 year long joint retirement. Over that 30 year period, we can expect the cost of living to go up by approximately 250%. This means that retirees will need a growing source of income in retirement. The traditional fixed income strategy that worked in the past is no longer as effective with today's longer life

expectancies.To address this challenge, the investment strategy must be designed to protect your income against the constantly rising cost of living. It also must account for any of the goals you have regarding passing wealth on to the next generation or charity.

We can help you address these challenges along with others, such as social security claiming and/or pension strategies, how to minimize lifetime taxes and the most tax efficient way to pass wealth to the next generation or charity.

Business Owners

As a business owner, there are a lot of decisions that fall on your shoulders - we are here to help. Sometimes the hardest thing is just knowing the right questions to ask: Do you plan on selling the business? What is it worth? To whom will you sell the business? What is the best retirement plan to use with your company? What insurance should you use? Are you protected from a liability standpoint?


We are here to help ask and answer the right questions, in addition to creating a financial plan that addresses your unique situation and goals. We take the time to get to know you and understand your business so the advice that is given helps you make real life decisions. 


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