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Are You Really On Track for Retirement?

Get A Free Financial Checkup!

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget about the bigger picture. Nothing is worse than working for 30 years only to realize you have no idea if you can afford retirement! Fortunately, this unpleasant surprise is very easy to avoid. I offer a free and easy financial checkup that can give you peace of mind. All we need are these six key pieces of information to help us get started: 

  1. How much have you already saved for retirement?

  2. How much do you plan to save each year?

  3. In how many years do you plan to retire?

  4. What sources of income will you have in retirement (i.e. pension, social security, etc.)?

  5. How much do you estimate to spend each month in retirement?

  6. How are your current investments positioned?

How can this info be helpful? Let's take a look.

Example: If you want to retire at 62 and spend $8,000 per month but social security will only cover $4,000, you will need to take the other $4,000 from your investments. So the question is, will you have amassed enough wealth by 62 to cover the $4,000 shortfall for 30 years? We also must account for the rising cost of living during retirement.

Please contact me immediately if you believe you are not on track for retirement. We will review your information and discuss what changes I believe you should make and how I can help. After the meeting, there will be no obligation and it will be up to you to contact me if you would like to take the next step.

The meeting may take as little as a half hour, especially if you come with all six pieces of information in hand. You will also get a free cup of coffee (or tea) so really it’s a wash! But I have a hunch that the priceless financial advice will end up being worth more than the coffee.

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